Day 6: Unproductive day

Started with chapter 5 of Eloquent JavaScript. I was prodding along fine, as long as I annotated the given coded examples with my own line-by-line commentary (which helped me to understand the point of even pointless functions like transparentWrapping and also that if you’re going to pass an argument from outside an outer function scope into an inner function scope, it usually has to be in a second pair of brackets next to when you’re calling the outer function… or something like that).

Then I realised the left side of my stomach was larger than usual… I think it might be my spleen. I’ll be visiting my family doctor tomorrow ASAP, to confirm whether it’s anything I need to be worrying about. It definitely feels uncomfortable, but luckily not painful. I think.

*Note to self: do not google your condition. 😦

**The above is still a poor excuse for not making any progress with my JavaScript studies, particularly as I wasn’t in any real pain. Anxiousness and worries about my health really did kind of derail my day though…

JavaScript Jockey (on-the-bench) signing out!

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