Day 9: Remedial JavaScript Update

Quick update: Type Coercion Sidetrack 

I’m up to operators (and the minimal type coercion footnote) in the ‘Re-introduction To JavaScript’ resource.


I’ve decided not to follow MDN’s advice in using only strict ‘===’ comparison operators. I want to know how ‘==’ works and when I might be able to use it for advantage in my JS code.

Currently reviewing an article titled ‘Truth, Equality and JavaScript’ from the blog of a Twitter Front End Engineer, Angus Croll. Dated 2011, so I’ll have to review the information further to verify it’s still valid, but the article is working a treat with in-depth explanation of type coercions in the instances you’ll encounter them (If (expression) evaluations as well as the ‘==’ operator).

Wish me luck!

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