Day 9: Remedial JavaScript

Back To Basics

A quick update: I’m currently taking today to be a day solely dedicated to remedial JavaScript.

Essentially that means revisiting simple concepts, tips, tricks and all the basics which underpin JavaScript.

My resource for this venture is going through the wonderful MDN resource, “A Re-Introduction to JavaScript”.

Additionally, little focus points I’d like to work on include:

  • testing for NaN, null, undefined
  • when to use ‘;’ (I’ve been employing this after every function declaration, which apparently is not the thing to do)
  • coming to grips with what’s an object, what’s a function, and the methods available to each
  • comparison and logical operators (very urgent)
  • method chaining
  • from my read of Object Oriented JavaScript and JavaScript Cookbook (2nd ed), to quickly review and ingrain the concepts surrounding ‘this’, the function methods call(), apply(), bind(), typeof testing, and using strict and loose comparison operators == and ===.

Will update on progress soon!

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