Day 10: No Progress (Except On The Job-Hunting Front)

Looking, Looking … Found? 

As per the title, very little to no progress was made today. Largely due to the fact that I was attending job interviews for a government position. Tomorrow, I need to call back a few other recruiters so I can finally secure a position that will let me pay my mortgage in peace, and keep me well fed for my JavaScript nightly pursuits.

Currently still reviewing Re-Introduction to JavaScript, at least until my pizza arrives.

Funnily enough, anime and ordinary TV shows (besides Netflix’s Narcos) don’t seem to interest me as much as watching videos about web development – whether it’s an AirBnB ‘Evolution of our Front End’ presentation, or a freelance WordPress developer speaking about how they are living in paradise in Bangkok, Thailand doing what they love.

Technology is amazing, isn’t it? 🙂

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