Day 13: The Odin Project & JavaScript Curriculum for beginner JavaScript-ers?

I managed to find a local JavaScript Study Group based right here in Sydney!

Naturally, they won’t be following the Hack Reactor curriculum, and their initial project commences with use of vanilla JS and jQuery. They’ll actually be mirroring the JS curriculum developed by The Odin Project, which I will be following for the next 2 days at least to familiarise myself and possibly get ahead before the first meet in 2 days.

Elegant JavaScript vs Me

I managed to take down the first Warmup question, however naturally StackOverflow returned with more elegant solutions, one involving use of the Math.max function and the apply() method. Even more naturally, I’m reviewing call(), apply() and bind() methods because those options didn’t occur to me intuitively, which is a sign that I didn’t understand the purpose of the method at heart.

Will update as I proceed.

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